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Watch Dr. Cioffi’s Keynote Lectures at New Horizons Forum in San Francisco

July 21, 2021

The 2021 Glaucoma 360 opening Keynote Address — “Glaucoma: What predictions came true?” was presented by George A. Cioffi, MD, Edward S. Harkness Chairman and Ophthalmologist-in-Chief of the Department of Ophthalmology, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center. Watch this video recording of Dr. Cioffi’s 2022 keynote lecture:


Dr. Cioffi also presented the keynote lecture at the inaugural New Horizons Forum, “State of Glaucoma Therapy: 2012.” His opening keynote lecture in San Francisco on February 3, 2012, started a full day of presentations and panel discussions on innovations in glaucoma. Watch the video recording of Dr. Cioffi’s 2012 keynote lecture:

This year at the tenth annual New Horizons meeting, Dr. Cioffi reviewed what predictions he made back in 2012 actually came true. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 New Horizons Forum was presented as a worldwide virtual event.